Scraping Time

This little fellow is sick. No wonder he was so grumpy around suppertime last night (though he was THIS happy earlier in the day, when he insisted I clip this into his hair). We spent large portions of last night nursing, and just holding him in bed. It’s a reminder of those early infant days, when night-time does not equal sleep-time. He’s napping right now and I’m watching the monitor for rustlings. There he is.
Albus is playing with a transformer, pretending to blow things up. The girls are reading quietly (Apple-Apple is trying out Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, one of my all-time favourites).
I want to thank everyone who expressed support and interest in the Nicaragua writing project. I’ve had encouraging comments, public and private, from a variety of friends, family, and even my former editor.
Uh oh, there he is again (baby, that is). Better run.
Back again. Thinking about time management … that could be my biggest stumbling-block in writing anything (she says, typing one-handed, feverish babe on hip).

Whole Wheat Rolls
Happy Birthday, Four-Year-Old

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  1. <br>Tricia Orchard

    I am sorry that your little guy is sick. I think mine is sick too. Or else, just not himself due to being in 3 different times zone a few days ago and lots of traveling by car and plane. I am about to give him some meds. He is so grumpy that I think he must not be well.

    I read your post about your writing but as always happens, couldn’t post a comment at the time. I will try to re-read again later. I wanted to comment too.

    Hope your summer is going well. Maybe I will see you soon!



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