I’ve missed blogging!

We were gone at a cottage for the last week, and I didn’t mention it here; maybe because I’m paranoid, or maybe because having the stroller stolen made me really really want never to experience that again; in any case, it seemed unwise to advertise our absence on a public forum. We thought there was no internet access at this cottage, so I happily went cold turkey. It was easy. (It turned out there was internet access, but I chose to pretend otherwise). Now I’m not sure how to catch up, or even whether that’s possible in this fast-moving always-present-tense blogland. Right now, I have the more pressing issue of an empty fridge and hungry family (and somewhat ill husband), so shall set out to hunt and gather at the local grocery store. We missed last week’s CSA offering, and Nina’s buying club, and I’m feeling the effects. Where is the wall of greenery to greet me when I open the fridge door? It isn’t summer if I don’t need a machete to fight my way to the soy milk.
Stillness Like a Voice


  1. katie

    glad you’re back! i’m going to try to return to blogging sometime next week. i was wondering how to jump back into it.

  2. Carrie

    I’ve missed you, Katie!!! Looking forward to reading about your lives again.


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