First, news. The New Quarterly will be publishing not one but THREE new stories from this (nearly) completed collection in their upcoming fall issue. I will notify you and harass you at that time to go forth and purchase said truly lovely literary magazine. And because you are patiently accompanying me on the writing journey, here follow a few encouraging words from the editor on these stories: “I’ve read all three stories now and am excited about them, about these characters which have both complexity and mystery, and about what you are doing with the narrative structure and the language … to get at the complexity of human relationships and feelings which are seldom simple and straight-forward but more often ambivalent and contradictory. You put it so well yourself in one of the stories: She wants every moment to yield to possibility. She wants every moment to remain in motion, to admit that it is many things, all at once.”
It is lovely news indeed, both to be anticipating publication, and to hear from an editor that she is reading these stories as I have written and intended them.

Second, I feel myself coming around toward a decision (how’s that for muddling) about this coming year (by which I mean this coming school year, since that’s when the new year really starts for those of us who are parents). I am seriously entertaining the idea of babysitting another child, close in age to CJ, two days a week. That would mean I wouldn’t be doula’ing, which has given me pause; but this most recent doula experience (which I didn’t blog about) really clarified the difficulties of committing to that work at this time in my life … and more importantly at this time in my children’s lives. Look at that kid up there. He’s 14 months, active, energetic, busy, animated, bursting with New, open like a sponge to learning, and I have the opportunity to stay home and share this time with him. As I’m envisioning it right now, I will commit to two full days at home, very child-focussed; and at least one full day of writing; and one more day when I’ll exchange childcare with a friend. That will leave one day free and unscheduled. I also plan to take one night class this fall toward the eventual re-education plan.

Life will be easier and I’ll feel less muddled, less distracted, when I commit. But I take commitment pretty seriously, which is why I want to be certain, gut and heart.

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  1. The Orchard


    That is wonderful news about your stories! I can’t wait to read them in the fall.

    I am looking after two extra children right now (as you know). I have to say that I am really enjoying it. In the fall, I will have just one extra child. I will be looking after the child that is the same age as Lauchlan. It is wonderful to see the interactions between these two little buddies already (they are about 6 weeks apart in age) and I think as they get older they will have so much more fun together. Two days a week sounds lovely. I think you and CJ will enjoy it.

    See you at school soon.

  2. katie

    Yay, Carrie! “She wants every moment to remain in motion, to admit that it is many things, all at once.” Doesn’t that describe your life, too, and not just your writing?

  3. Carrie

    Thanks, guys.

    Wow, Katie. I totally didn’t see that, but yes, it does! Yours too?

  4. Heather

    Congratulations on your stories! I will watch for them.

    So does this mean that you’ve changed your mind about being our doula in September?


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