Buying Club

Friday is now buying club day. I found myself looking forward to it like it was a holiday. This afternoon a group of moms teamed up in the nearby little park, to watch each other’s children and take turns “shopping.” Apple-Apple got to work at the treat table, but the other children stayed at the park and played. I’ve yet to get a really good photo from the club itself, or the loaded stroller. Maybe next time. This is an amazing weekly experience. We’re about to tuck into nitrate-free local hot dogs, a glorious-looking salad, and more steamed asparagus.
The Upside to Construction

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  1. The Fish Family

    I am right with you. I feel like Fridays are Red Letter Days now. I just love seeing the parade of parents and kids too on their way to pick up their food. It is utterly delightful. Today I was a bit daunted by the reality of carrying 12 kg of oats on my bike handlebars, but a friend who had had to drive kindly carried the oats home for me.


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