Because There Just Aren’t Enough Messy-Baby-Face Photos in Blogland

One strawberry: that’s all it took to cover our lad from head to toe. I like how Kevin’s hand is the only element in this composition that is actually in focus: the calm, still element. Yesterday was our first CSA pickup (Community Shared Agriculture; our fourth year participating), and CJ chose the box (er, the one with the strawberry already half-eaten), and then he proceeded to decorate himself with said strawberry all the way home. Is it possible to have too much local food? We’ll explore that question in-depth this summer with a series of practicums. Right now, I’d say it might just be possible to have too much local lettuce, though now that it’s all washed and de-slugged and spun and tucked into bags in the fridge it looks quite appetizing.
Tonight’s supper plot: DIY taco salad (ie. unmixed for those whose individual foods Must Never Touch; not to mention to accomodate our variety of intense food preferences and abhorrences. Tomatoes! Gak!).
Right now, I’m sitting here obsessively checking the weather radar, trying to determine, with my imaginary PhD in forecasting, which part of this massive summer storm is going to hit us, and when, and whether or not it will arrive with the promised golf-ball-sized hail (please, no!). I was so looking forward to picking the big kids up from their Last Day of School, strolling as always; but have Kevin on alert (he’s got the vehicle today). If I press the panic button, he will meet them in my stead. I’m still hopeful despite rumble, rumble, eerie black sky.

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