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5.Soccer in the park. Baking cookies, granola, and bread. Hamburgers and asparagus for supper. Family night (Bananagrams?).

There’s been an interesting conversation going on about how a blog’s tone develops, especially these mommy-blogs, in which stay-at-home parents reflect on their daily lives; and I’ve noticed this blog has really changed since its inception. More photos. Less text. But also less complaining? Less detail, perhaps. I’ve begun to treat this space more as a scrapbook than a diary. But is it painting a picture of our daily lives that is too idealized? Does it look like we spend our days cavorting in puddles, our fronts dusted in flour, our minds peacefully occupied? Well, that’s ’cause we do.

Or, wait …

Blogland is nothing if not selective. And I like selecting the good stuff. Tantrums? Siblings whacking siblings? Last-minute-supper-prep-madness? Bathtime resistance? “I’m so bored.” Disturbed nights? Late-night glass of wine? Too much coffee? Warts, snot, burping, dirty diapers? Yup, we’ve got ’em, too. But I haven’t started photographing that stuff yet. Maybe I will. Or at least slip in a few views of the darker side of this lifelong adventure, just to balance things out. No promises, however.

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  1. katie

    I went through a period of wondering if I was painting a picture of our life that was unrealistic. In the end, though, I am just publicly scrapbooking our life (and will make it into a hard-version scrapbook when we move). I find it therapeutic to claim and remember the moments that I want to remember, and I’ve decided there’s nothing wrong with that. : ) In fact, it means I actively look for those moments in my life, which gives me a positive outlook.

  2. Carrie

    Thanks for your thoughts, Katie. I knew you’d have reflected on this, and appreciate what you say about looking for those moments. Life is what we make it, I sometimes think, and I mean that profoundly.
    Are you planning to give up the blog when you move??? I hope not.
    Love the idea of making your blog into a real scrapbook, too.

  3. kristin

    amen, amen, amen both of you.

    i had those moments myself…then realized that it really wasn’t my problem.

    onward, onward.

    katie, if you find out how to print out your blog, let me know…i have never found a way!!!

  4. The Orchard


    I appreciate your entry on this topic. I am still trying to decide how much of the challenging stuff I want to include. I really like what Katie said about actively looking for the positive moments. I am trying to do the same too. I guess for now I will post the great moments and fun stuff and decide how much of the other to include.

    I really enjoy your blog!



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