Hair Trials and Twirls

“Three girls, and then a little boy, aren’t you lucky?” To be fair, she was elderly, and Albus was at a distance, and, yes, he really does have such pretty locks. It needs combing, however, so he and his dad suffered through a session that involved a great deal of conditioner and a few tears, and resulted in the top photo (wet). The morning after his hair had dried into, well, this remarkable look pictured below … with an impressive twirl at the side. I wasn’t really able to brush it into submission. It almost looks like it’s spelling something out, if only one could break the code.
Our Boy
Strawbarb Loaf & Last Tomatoes


  1. The Orchard

    That is a great post! Poor Albus. I would love to have those curls!

  2. Carrie

    Aw, thanks, Orchard. (I like that blog title, by the way … conjures a slightly warmer climate–BC maybe?).


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