Best Toy Ever

We get our groceries delivered. Yes, I know that sounds decadent, but it costs less than ten dollars and they carry everything into our kitchen. Okay, that is decadent. Who am I kidding. But look, included in the price of delivery is the Best Toy Ever. Peek-a-boo.
Sunday Afternoon
Free-Range Children


  1. The Orchard

    How often do you order groceries? I go every weekend to buy my groceries for the week but it is a real pain sometimes. Do you get your produce delivered during the winter as well?

  2. Carrie

    Not quite once a week. Whenever we run out of milk, basically (milk’s heavy!). I save up and order all the heavy, bulky things. This winter we mostly ate fruit and veg out of what I’d stored last summer. Sometimes in the winter I nip into ValuMart and pick up whatever’s on special, too. Spring/summer/fall we get a CSA box, and use Nina’s buying club, and eat seasonally.

  3. katie

    If I were on facebook right now, I’d be giving this a thumb’s up!

  4. Nath

    Every time we have boxes like that in the house, I wonder why anybody ever bothers to buy toys for children.


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