Cleaning Up

I’m currently employing a method of housecleaning that some of you may be familiar with. I call it “Wow It Looks Gross in Here,” and it has such sub-categories as “Was Someone Eating Something Crumbly in This Room?” and “How Much Water Actually Stayed in the Tub?” and “Oh No Not the Dress-Up Clothes.” Among others I enjoyed thinking up whilst vacuuming after supper tonight.

What's Happening in Our Front Hall, Right Now
Spring Storm


  1. Nath

    I often use the “what did I just step on??” method, myself.

  2. katie

    some of mine would be, “you made soup out of what?” and “which mountain of laundry is clean?”

  3. Carrie

    I went upstairs right after I posted this and cleaned up a “So That’s Why You Were All Playing So Quietly.”


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