Quick Update

Just to say: Kev’s home, no surgery, leg splinted into place, and we’re figuring out his limitations and abilities. He’ll go back in a week for xrays and another consultation. The surgeon wasn’t keen to perform surgery under the smashed and splintered circumstances, but will leave it to nature to heal. After which, Kev will get rehab. Hey, at least finding a physio shouldn’t be a problem.

I ran the children to the walking school bus this morning. Of course, we were late. Sprinted would be more like it. We had to holler the last half-block to flag them down (stop! wait for us!). Fooey insisted on coming too (she’s experiencing irrational fear of her dad’s knee and crutches), but she couldn’t sprint quite as fast and trailed behind howling like a banshee. An A+ mothering moment.
Eleven Months
Help is on the way!


  1. kristin

    what is a walking school bus?

    i have glorious visions of a bright yellow cardboard bus that everyone holds on to and walks with…

  2. Unready, Unwilling, Unable

    If Kevin is stoic and won’t complain, allow me to do it for him. I’m a pro:

    Ow. Ow. Ow. OW!!

    Keep us updated and hang in there.


  3. Carrie

    Kristin, I love your image. If only! It’s really just a pile of kids walking down the sidewalk together, supervised by one parent. In our family, we sometimes call it “the magic schoolbus.”

  4. Julia

    Poor F. Had to admit I laughed at the image of her being scared to stay home with Kev. Although I bet he *is* grumpy…


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