Instead of Doing Dishes …

I’ve been getting to supervise the kids’ baths. It’s pretty fun. So this is what I’ve been missing while doing the dishes instead. Apple-Apple was especially amused by the bath toy stuck on CJ’s head (not visible in this photo) and ran for the camera. Are we running for the camera too often these days? Not sure what to do with the wealth of “out-takes” clogging our hard drive that will likely never be printed, but seem somehow too precious to erase. In honour of CJ’s first birthday, I’ve uploaded and printed a pile of photos from his first year, which I’ll put into an album … see, the fourth child won’t be entirely neglected! I’d like to do this for each child’s birthday this year, and start an ongoing tradition.
It’s not CJ’s birthday yet. One week from today. But he got to open his first gift today, and despite being sick, was entirely enthusiastic. He knew exactly what to do: reach into bag and start removing gifts. Then put gifts back into bag for an impromptu game. As always, with one-year-olds, the bag is at least as amusing as the gift itself.
President Obama, Are You Getting Enough Sleep?
First Tooth


  1. Julia

    Posting here about the “ode” post – as Mike insisted you wouldn’t read this if I left it there.

    What day is garbage day (guessing Tuesday) over there? What say M and I come by and do the garbage-recycling-compost thing in Kev’s stead? Give me a shout at work.

  2. katie

    that CJ is gorgeous!!


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