Help is on the way!

We are grateful to everyone who has offered to run errands, play with children, and otherwise assist our limping family. Thank you! Your phone may be ringing in the very near future …

Tonight’s serendipitous moment arrived at 5. I wrote for part of the day, and didn’t put any thought to supper. Kept putting that thinking off, and off, and off, till it really was suppertime. Suddenly, there was a knock upon the door. Neighbour Nina: “Would this raspberry custard pie fit with your supper plan?” Are you kidding me? This raspberry custard pie IS my supper plan!

Placed pie upon table. Meandered about trying to finish reading through today’s story, chasing CJ up the stairs (aargh, what fabulous timing that new skill is!), while wondering what to add to the pie plan. Finally dug through the fridge, found leftover pasta, leftover sauce, heated those together with the remnants of a veggie broth. Would it be enough? Apple-Apple wanted to help, so I set her to making a spinach salad with sliced apples. Apple-Apple slicing apples! Not fingers, thankfully. We made heaps, Apple-Apple tossed it, too.

And then we ate. Like the loaves and the fishes, we feasted upon what was at hand. I cut the pie into eight pieces. “How many will we each get to eat?” “Is CJ having a piece?” “Let’s say no.” “Oh! Five, so that means three leftover! Perfect! One extra for me and Albus and Fooey.” “Hmm … CJ really likes this pie, too.” “What if we split each extra piece in half?” “Perfect! Six pieces! One extra for everyone!”
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