Local Food Round-Up: Suggestions Welcome

Hmm. Haven’t been keeping up with the local food round-up plan. I’ve been doing it in my head, just not getting to here, lately. I’m blaming my dwindling determination and lack of follow-through on winter. Honestly, it’s minus 19 out there today. The chill is seeping through the walls. My fantasies about spring are growing more vivid by the hour.

My local food theme of the week is: Suggestions Welcome. We kicked off this theme on Super Bowl Sunday, when Kevin requested chili. I served it with cornbread on Sunday, then reheated it for Monday with rice. Tuesday I took a friend’s Facebook suggestion and made the garlic-heavy Ethiopian Lentil Bowl from Simply in Season, with homemade naan bread; this required frying it up with CJ in a backpack to keep him out of harm’s way. Last night it was leftover surprise, plus fried potatoes. Should have taken suggestions, because no one liked it (except, maybe, me). Complaints Welcome became the unintentional theme. Tonight I’m planning to roast a nicely-thawed chicken, as suggested by Kevin, with root veggies.

Okay, Fooey is screaming “Read me a book, Mom!” over and over again from the couch, and CJ is dozily destroying a cookie, and I need to snap out of the computer zone. Snap!


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  1. Julia

    I love the idea of CJ in the backpack during naan frying. so close and yet so far!


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