Honestly, I don’t want to spend another day feeling this low on patience. I feel like a spring that wants to be sprung.
We were fortunate to get out in the snow and wind, and go ice skating at a neighbours’ (everyone skating but me and CJ, that is).
But still.
Excerpt from an ongoing conversation, which has been ongoing in this vein ALL DAY LONG (topic interchangeable):
“No one loves me,” sayeth Apple-Apple, lying on the floor behind me.
“We all love you,” sayeth OCM. “We just want you to take a bath.”
“No one ever plays with me. No one ever plays with me when I’m bored.”
“You just need to take a bath.”
“No, baths are yucky. Baths are disgusting.”
“Honey, you just need to take a bath.”
“No! You can’t make me have a bath anymore!”
I feel like George’s dad in Seinfeld screaming SERENITY NOW!
Patience, please!

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  1. kristin

    i know!

    impatience is the saddest thing i can feel.



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