Hi 5

Not writing much in Blogland, just noticed. Not sure why. I’m writing more in fictional world, so perhaps that’s draining off all the words.

Heartwarming thing my baby did yesterday: toddled up to me, grabbed my hand, opened it, and placed into my palm a toy he’d been playing with. I almost cried.

He also heard me say “hi” this morning, and instantly grabbed my hand and tried to give me a high five. This is a new trick he learned this week, and it made me think we should teach him more. He’s so eager to communicate and connect and participate. There are times when he walks through the house laughing and laughing–joining in with whatever fun and jokes are going on.

Just repaired son Albus’s totally shredded snow pants, and though the kids were impressed (“you know how to knit, Mommy?”) …. sewing, not my thing.

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