Children Who Blog

This blog, and my frequent typing spells herein, have attracted the attention of the children, who wish to join in the fun. I indulged Apple-Apple yesterday, and the result, creative spelling and all, appears below; but when she and her brother began frothing at the keyboard this morning, I decided to create another parallel blog to send their missives into thin air, and the link appears at right. We launch with a brief reflective piece by Apple-Apple on Mom’s book club. Worth noting, though not mentioned, was her observation this morning that just when she thought she was falling asleep last night, she heard “another shriek of laughing.” This was spoken in world-weary tones. “What was so funny?” Albus wanted to know, geniunely perplexed. You know, moms–not the funniest people on the planet, according to that population of critics known as offspring.

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