The Flu

This Blog has the flu. Even though it got its flu shot. Apparently, the strain making the rounds wasn’t included in the mix. Don’t worry about me, however. I am fine. Touch wood and send skyward a hearty prayer.

My children, on the other hand; sigh. One has very nearly recovered the pink of health, and the other, suffering pallidly, is clad in green pajamas, a fuzzy hat with earflaps, and a giant blue blanket. Those affected are school-aged; the other two have thus far escaped. (Touch wood; pray). This morning, things are looking up: the kids are playing together–all four! And I am sneakily watching … as it all falls apart. Hmm. Excuse me, dear Blog, you’ll have to fend for yourself momentarily. Drink your tea.

I’m back. The lull has returned to the living-room. Children quietly reading books and baby happily knocking books off the shelf (his favourite upright occupation).

Last night I went out to shovel snow. That was actually a mental health necessity. I’d been indoors since Sunday; though Sunday we all dragged our post-Robbie Burns selves down to the theatre and while Kevin did clean-up, I played the grand piano on stage, and the kids danced. There are photos on the blog opposite.

My local food round-up evaporated when the Blog lost its appetite. But now that the Blog is cranky and hungry for toast (sure signs of improved health), I can tell you that we’re working with a Vegetarian theme this week. Which means the food is only somewhat local. I made a nice big red sauce from the freezer tomatoes and we’ve had pasta, we’ve had baked mac & cheese, we’ve had chili. The kids have been drinking the homemade grape juice as a special treat during illness. Tonight we’re planning corn bread and honey-baked lentils. And, as our stores dwindle, I am feeling excited about Nina’s buying club starting up again in the spring. Whoo-hoo!!! And an extra whoo-hoo just for the very thought of spring!!!

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