Trying to Add Pictures

Above. I was trying to capture the moment on Tuesday when Fooey was sick and CJ was wearing an old pink sweater that used to belong to Apple-Apple, and we were hanging on the couch. In anticipation of the flash, CJ kept blinking, and Fooey had a hard time taking her thumb out of her mouth.

I love photographs on other people’s blogs. But other people are genuinely good photographers; I’ve got words and not much else for talents. Nevertheless. I’m all for experimenting, so here goes.
So last night, to celebrate the last swim lessons of the term (semi-successful results: one passed, one was magnanimous, and one was oblivious), we got take-out sushi and olive bread and cheese and salami from a new neighbourhood store, and we enjoyed a truly happy supper, relaxed, conversational, Friday-ish. Fooey insisted on having her picture taken, so we went around the table and got everyone. Satiated.

Peace, Joy, and Et Cetera


  1. katie

    love the pictures!

  2. Carrie

    Thanks, Katie! As usual, I’m agonizing over form, and trying to figure out how best to encorporate the photos with the words. I’ll keep trying, because I do think photos add a lot. I certainly love them on your blog!


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