Lost in a Blizzard

Want to capture this moment, right now. Snow falling. We are just home from the library where CJ climbed, crawled, and ripped books off shelves, and the children played on the computers, then got to check out books on their very own library cards–the first I’ve let them do that, not wanting to have extra books and cards to potentially lose; but hey, let’s live recklessly. The kids were beyond thrilled. Walking home, we pretended we were lost in a blizzard in the arctic. Cars were packs of wild wolves. Streets were ice-rivers. Buildings were icebergs. And our house was debatable … was it a tent? An igloo? A house we could buy made of stones? Or one for travelling strangers to shelter in on their way through? In any case, we moved in.

CJ had fallen asleep in the stroller and transferred to his crib despite the shrieks of delight over, “Look, Mama, these strange switches turn on lights!!” Then children sat quietly reading library books and doing mazes together. Peaceful. It’s already starting to fall apart, slightly. They have now moved to the counter and are eating a few snacktime cookies. Albus is about to head out on his second sleepover, ever. I will be putting the others to bed alone tonight, as Kevin is teaching this weekend–both days. That’s okay. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to a weekend alone, but in all honesty, I wasn’t dreading it either. I appreciate having a good excuse not the spend the weekend cooking, baking, cleaning, and doing laundry and other necessaries. Those necessaries will have to wait. Instead, the kids and I get to do projects together, or go on our adventures together.

Shoot, and now it’s totally fallen apart.

Hey, I’m back. As usual, everything happened all at once–children started fighting (over nothing particular as far as I could determine; maybe the sugar made them do it); Albus’s friend arrived to pick him up; CJ started fussing in the monitor. And now all is quiet again. Albus has departed (big boy! but I miss him). The girls are reading together on the couch. CJ stopped fussing and seems to have gone back to sleep. Phew.

Yelling at the Radio

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