Writing Day

Always leaves me foggy. Today I was pleased by what got written, but almost felt distressed when I was done–not by the fact that my time was up, but because I hadn’t spent that “lost” time with the kids instead. It almost seems like a waste to spend these hours in an imaginary world when my actual family is actually doing and being and experiencing their youngest years. It’s funny, but the story I like best that I wrote this spring is about the passage of time. Sometimes it feels like that’s all I’m really writing about. About time past, and passing, hurrying us along and away from where we are this moment. And here I am, missing out on what’s hurrying past because I’m so busy writing about it.

And now I’m writing more, instead of responding to the game the kids have started playing spontaneously: something to do with cleaning the house??? Is this possible? AB: “Whoa, your house is really dirty!”

Then again, by writing about it, I also get to keep it, at least a few shreds …

AB to her brother: “Do you think this is the dirtiest house we’ve gone through?”
Good grief–I know it’s messy in here, but has it gotten that bad?

The problem is that once I get going writing, it’s so hard to turn it off. I need a little switch in my brain that can be flipped … ok, done thinking, now just BE. Writing is intensely private and requires such interior concentration that it takes time, maybe even hours, to crawl back out again and be properly engaged with this house and the needs of these little people populating it.

Will now turn away from the glowing screen and attempt re-entrance into the afternoon.

First Solid Meal

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  1. isohedral

    One piece of advice I’ve seen on writing (and on research in general) is to work from peak to peak rather than trough to trough. Don’t write until you’re spent, since it will take longer to turn it on again next time. Instead, write up to the really exciting part that you can’t wait to get down. It’s harder to walk away from that for the day, but easier to return next time.

    This might work differently when you set aside a definite writing interval in the day. I’ve never been able to do that.


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