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Oh my goodness, I am bursting with excitement. The Shoe Project KW is off and running. We held a meet-and-greet with candidates on Tuesday evening, and everyone came. EVERYONE. On a day when the weather was questionable and school buses had been cancelled, and the location was a bit tricky to find (especially because I’d sent out the wrong address originally and had to correct myself) — every single woman who’d expressed interest in participating in this writing and performance workshop came out.

The energy that developed over the course of the evening was everything I could have hoped for, and more. Imagine a room full of women. Start there. We’re writing together. We’re standing up and doing funny drama exercises together. We’re laughing. We’re making tea and eating sweets, including baklava homemade by one of the women. We’re strangers, and yet, and yet … we all want to be here, and we feel so glad and so honoured to be in each other’s presence.

That evening, I experienced a feeling unlike anything I’ve ever felt before: it felt like I was in the midst of doing the thing that I was meant to be doing. Or as if the thing I was meant to be doing had found me. It had found me and dropped me into that exact experience so that I could use everything I’ve learned in my years on this planet for a singular purpose: to open creative space for others, maybe especially for those who wouldn’t ordinarily get to claim this luxury. Space where we’d feel safe, at ease and welcomed, where we’d trust and know that our stories were worthy and valuable. Space to play, to improvise, to collaborate, to make something bigger than our individual selves.

I’ve been thinking about how things are waiting to be noticed, within us. Stories are waiting to be noticed. Images are waiting, memories, themes. And once we’ve found them, whatever they are, we want to share them.

What has been waiting to be noticed in me? The word POWERFUL keeps returning to me. What an amazing word. Not to be taken lightly. Not to be used indiscriminately. Not to be squandered. It’s not a word I’m accustomed to recognizing within myself. But it’s here.

I stand here noticing what is calling my attention, and it is this. I’m sitting, actually — but in my mind I see myself standing, strong, present, grounded, calm, powerful.

Surrounded by powerful, wise, generous, strong women. Wow. What a place to begin.

xo, Carrie

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  1. Inspiring and wonderful to hear. Congratulations!



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